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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

10.06.2020 My DIY Sunbird Feeder

During the lock down (due to Covid 19 spread), I did spend some time to study on birds physiology, how to edit photos in Lightroom CC and also planned on how to make a sunbird feeder. Oilve Backed Sunbirds are one among few common birds that hang around at my house. So having a sunbird feeder can be really cool. I was looking into some examples of such feeder from the Youtube videos. Most are made for hummingbird, however the concept is the same. 

Olive Backed Sunbird (Male)

Olive Backed Sunbird (Female)

I just need a small shallow container, artificial flower with hole in the middle, enough for the Sunbird's bill to reach the honey solution. Along with these, I must have a small woody branch to hold the feeders.

I used plastic milk bottle cap and some small circle shaped plastic cover that I cut from transparent plastic container. The cover is cut at suitable size to fit into the bottle cap. Holes are made to place the artificial flowers and also for fill in the honey solution. Tie the feeders to the woody branch with wire. Then prepare the honey solution.

As for the honey solution, I added 1/2 teaspoon into 1/2 cup of water (no tap water please). A 10mL syringe is used to fill up the feeder. Feeders are tied on a small woody branch and this branch fixed to a support like fence poles or a small tree if you have one. The honey solution might invite ants, which will definitely annoy the sunbirds when they are feeding. Therefore I applied some neem oil at the base of the woody branch. This will get rid of the ants. It is important to make sure the feeder are is free from felines.

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