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Friday, 18 September 2020

13.09.2020 Testing My New Lens at TBNSA

I had upgraded my gear (finally 😄), from Nikon AF-P DX 70-300mm lens to Nikon AF-S 200-500mm ED VR, which was my dream lens. The next day itself, I went to my favourite birding spot, Taman Botani Negara of Shah Alam. 

Since I can access more distant birds now, I just give a try on the birds which perching quite high, such as the Spotted Dove, which was busy coo-ing.

Eastern Spotted Dove

Baya Weaver (Female)

The park seems to be kinda quiet, not much of bird calls actually. I took my usual route, from the paddy field all the way to the animal park. I went to the orchard which is adjacent to the paddy field, and there were some common birds busy with their breakfast.

Common Flameback Woodpeckers

Javan Myna / White Vented Myna

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot (Male)

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot (Male)

I passed by a bamboo patch on my way to the animal park. I heard a jerking, alarming sound coming out from the bamboos. At first I thought its could be an Oriental Magpie Robin since the sound was very much similar. I'm wrong. It was a White Rumped Shama, doing a repeated drops to the ground as if getting my attention. I took a shot and to my disappointment, the camera setting was not adjusted for under-shade shots. The picture was dark. (After post processing was done, it turn out to be a little better)

White Rumped Shama

White Rumped Shama

Crested Serpent Eagle

I continued my walk to the animal park, looking for the same fig I saw few interesting birds last year. The fruits are still unripe. I proceed to the amphitheater, and there was one fig tree with ripe fruits. Sooty Barbets were there, having those ripe figs.

Sooty Barbet

Sooty Barbet

Little Spiderhunter

Pacific Swallow

Hill Myna

I walked out to the paddy field again and entered into the Camar Rimba tracks hoping to see the pitta, but no sign of it. As I decided to walk back, I saw a wild pig crossing the track, just about 30 meters away from me. After few seconds, I saw something small was moving at the same location. Wild piglets! Since the "mom" could be nearby, I decided to take the opposite route to reach the exit of the park.

Juvenile Banded Pigs

I walked a total distance of 5.5km with my heavier gear, left arm sored a little. However had a good time again here.

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