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Thursday, 4 June 2020

03.06.2020 Birding Before MCO

Greetings guys. This time i want to share some of my visits before we were put under Movement Control Order due to the spread of Covid19.

My birding friend Chuan had introduced to me a Sri Lankan expat working here in Kuala Lumpur, Charith Fernando. Our first encounter together was at Ulu Kali submontane forest. I bagged quite a number of lifers here since it was my first time at Ulu Kali. Indeed it was very cold and misty. For the first time in history, a solo Grey Sided Thrush migrated from Manchurian region to Ulu Kali. Its was found on November 2019, but the information was not shared by anyone in any social media, till my buddy Shazlan open up the story. It was a little controversial since crowding is possible on that birding spot since its a rare bird. The spot is near a Radar Station and its kinda prohibited to crowd-up very near to the station due to security issue. However he indeed have a big heart to share to all his rare finding. Thanks to him.

Siberian Thrush - Male

Siberian Thrush - Male (Sub-Adult)

Siberian Thrush - Female

Siberian Thrush - Female

Siberian Blue Robin - Male

Large Niltava - Male

Mountain Leaf Warbler

Black Throated Sunbird - Female

Chestnut Tailed Minla

Grey Sided Thrush

Grey Sided Thrush
This species may started to face some threats at Thailand's montane forests, which was its usual wintering ground. And here too much information can lead the way to poachers or trappers to get the bird for illegal trading. Other species we see here is the tame Siberian Thrushes. Enjoyed watching them, along with the bright blue Siberian Blue Robin. Ulu Kali indeed an excellent place to experience montane birds. The only trouble you will have here is the thick mist which makes you difficult to find birds and photograph it.

The second spot Charith and me visited at Genting Highlands was the "old pump house road". Charith have been to this place before, and he told me that its a nice place to see the Great Hornbill. Unfortunately we went to this spot a bit late, and we only managed to see few birds only. Orange Bellied Leafbird was one of them.

Orange Bellied Leafbird - Male

Orange Bellied Leafbird - Female
Sungai Congkak was another spot that Charith and me ventured after we hard about the Blue Eared Kingfisher. Its a "studio-kinda" place. This place has both Rufous Backed Kingfisher and Blue Eared Kingfisher, along with Orange Headed Thrush, Indo Chinese Flycatcher and some babblers. I bagged some lifers here since this place is not a common place that I visit.

Blue Eared Kingfsher

Indochinese Flycatcher - Male

Orange Headed Thrush

Grey Caped Babbler

White Chested Babbler

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