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Sunday, 8 September 2019

07.09.2019 Two Lifers at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam.

I manage to visit Taman Botani Negara of Shah Alam last Saturday. It was pretty hazy indeed. Once done with the entey ticket, I walked towards the paddy field. A Common Tree Schrew was on the prowl for food. It picked a ripe jujube fell on the ground and quickly ran away from me. Since lack of natural light, I am unable to get a good focus on it; ended up with grainy picture.

Actualy I was expecting to see the Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots today. After I see nothing else on the paddy field, I proceed to the oil palm trees nearby the paddy field. I heard the calls of the hanging parrots and finally saw a small group of 4 Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots (Loriculus galgulus) feasting on the oil palm fruits. Lifer! 

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots having breakfast

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot (male)

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot (male)

They held the fruit with their toes, then rip and consume the mesocarp of the oil palm fruit. I remember my dad once told me parrots love oil palm fruits. They really do. I even had seen Zebra Doves, Spotted Doves and Paddyfield Pipits feeding on fallen oil palm fruits.

Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot (female)

Hanging Parrots' left over

After that I walked towards the orchard and heard the call of the Hill Mynas (Gracula religiosa). Unable to take a good shot since there is not much available lights in this area. I just move around the fig tree (I think it is a Ficus binnendijkii but will have it confirmed during my next visits). There were green pigeons and bunch of bulbuls feasting on the small ripe figs. 

Hill Myna
Suddenly I saw a small green bird moving in between the lower branches. First I thought it could be a leaf bird. To my surprise it was a barbet! Yes it is! It is a lifer after all. It was a Blue Eared Barbet (Psilopogon duvaucelii duvaucelii). Actually there were two of them. They did communicate with each other with high pitched rattles..."trrk...trrk!" They mashed the ripe figs before swallowing it. There were a small group of Red Eyed Bulbuls joined the barbets. 

Blue Eared Brbet

Blue Eared Barbet

Blue Eared Barbet

Blue Eared Barbet


Red Eyed Bulbul

I spend quite a time with the barbets. Then I walked towards the paddy field. I could here the madly laughters of the Pied Hornbills at the edge of the orchard. Yet, I did not had glimpse of them. I walked along the trail near the pitta area but found nothing. Even the spider hunters were not seen here. However I was pretty happy to have two lifers during the visit. Hoping to bag more in future here itself. 

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