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Sunday, 18 August 2019

11.08.2019 - Mangroove Park, Manjung (Perak)

While looking for a place to spend time with my camera, the Mangroove Park caught my attention. It is located at Desa Manjung Raya (Lumut). Just by reading the reviews in Google Map, I knew that people go there to feed the monkeys and it may not sound so interesting for those do not like to spend time with nature. There were walkways made for you to walk around (between) the mangrooves, which lead to the small riverside platforms. 

Once I reached there, I already saw a group of people already started to feed a group of Southern Pig Tailed Macaques (Macaca nemestrinus). I just went in the park and I was a bit worried since I saw quite a number of Crab Eating Macaques or the Long Tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis fascicularis) resting along the walkway. When it comes to monkeys, I will have a little fear since they are unpredictable, so I just walk by without having an eye contact with them. 

It was low tide when I visited, therefore I saw few types of crustaceans are happily having meal on the mud. Few types of colourful fiddler crabs caught my attention. I managed to identify two of them only.  

Spined Fiddler Crab (Tubuca paradussumieri)

Could be juvenile fiddler crab.

A fiddler feasting on the radcile of the mangroove's viviparous seed.

Ring Legged Fiddler Crab (Austruca annulipes)

I had a tough time to snap pictures since it was pretty shady. Less available light. I had to use maximum EV at +5.0 to get at least a proper picture. 

I manage to get a glimpse of a male Oriental White - Eye which was foraging for insects at the canopy of the mangrooves. Unfortunately, it was too quick for me to snap a good picture. 

A male Southern Pig Tailed Macaque. I guess he is the alpha male of the troop, quite a big guy!

A male Crab Eating or Long Tailed Macaque feasting on fiddler crab.

Giant Mudskipper (Periophthalmodon schlosseri)

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