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Friday, 17 January 2020

16.01.2020 FRIM Bidor Station Revisited

This is my first birding spot for 2020...FRIM Bidor Station (Perak). After lunching at Teluk Intan, I drove along Jalan Bidor-Teluk Intan. On my way to FRIM, I stopped at a spot as I saw a big flock of cattle egret foraging for insects as an excavator clearing the land. There was a Crested Serpent Eagle perching on a utility pole, having its afternoon preening.

I was hoping to see the Cotton Pygmy Goose actually, and I did spotted 6 to 7 geese paddling in between the water hyacinth growth.

Cotton Pygmy Geese

I drove further in, to have a look at the Asian Openbills. They were there; some are busy feeding on the snails and freshwater clams, while others are preening. There was a clam shell, probably the flesh was gulped by one for the openbills; it was huge, I can definitely say its larger than my palm. It was quite weird since I never seen freshwater clams before in lakes. Lakes are mostly inhibited by snails, as far as I had seen. 

Asian Openbill Stork

With a catch

A large freshwater clam, locally known as "Kijeng", eaten by the Openbill

I saw a single, large wader foraging for food together with an intermediate egret and openbill stork. At first I thought it was a Wood Sandpiper, but it was way too big. A closer look at its photo made me change my mind. It was a Common Greenshank, my first lifer for the year 2020.

First Lifer of 2020 - The Common Greenshank

Wood Sandpiper

Then 3 Pied Stilts joined the party along with some Pacific Golden Plovers.

Pied Stilts
Quite a visit, not bad with one lifer at least!

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