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Saturday, 28 December 2019

26.12.2019 My First Time at FRIM Bidor Station Lakes (Perak)

Bidor, a small town where I grew up. I was born in Tapah, and my family then shifted to Bidor since my late dad got a job there. I left this place in 2005, a year after my dad departed. On 25.12.2019, I went to visit my uncle at Gopeng, to collect some documents, and the next day I made a quick visit to the lakes at FRIM Research Station of Bidor, while I was on my way back to Klang.

An immature Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Gopeng (Perak).

A female Pink Necked Green Pigeon, at Gopeng (Perak)

A Grey Heron at Seri Iskandar lake (Perak)

My target was the Cotton Pygmy Goose, and I did found them there. Around 6 to 7 geese were swimming around the lake, among the water hyacinth growth. Quite shy and hard to approach! I cant get a good photo since they were quite far from me. Anyway, I was indeed grateful to have this lifer now!

Lifer! A female Cotton Pygmy Goose at FRIM Bidor Station lake (Perak).

I drove to the other lakes too hoping to bag more lifers. The second lake was totally covered with water hyacinths. First I spotted a lonely Black Backed Swamphen, wandering around looking for its meal. Next to it was a small party of Asian Openbill Storks, busy "snailing". I just move around to get a good look on other birds too. I spotted another lifer! A lonely Common Moorhen, wading in between the water hyacinths. 

A Black Backed Swamphen at FRIM Bidor Station lake (PErak)

It did chased some of the Asian Openbills away from its path.

An Asian Openbill Stork busy snailing at the lake.

Lifer! Common Moorhen wading in between the water hyacinth growth

Not far from the moorhen, I spotted another lifer, the Pacific Golden Plover, foraging for food on a muddy ground. Along withe these birds, there were White Headed Stilts, another lifer! Other birds which I managed to spot were the Red Wattled Lapwing, Yellow Bitterns, Intermediate Egrets, Little Egrets, Blue Tailed Bee-eaters, White Throated Kingfisher and the White Breasted Waterhen.

Lifer! A Pacific Golden Plover on a muddy plain near the lake

Lifer! White Headed Stilts

Stilts with Openbills

Red Wattled Lapwing

Even though I spend about an hour there, it was indeed a fruitful visit with 4 more lifers before 2019 ends.

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