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Friday, 13 July 2018

29.06.2018 - Sungai Kuyoh (Selangor)

I used to see Sungai Kuyoh area while driving to my project site everytime. Weather was bad that day....when I decide to venture this place after work. I dont have much confident since lighting was not much. Sungai Kuyoh is known to be one among many polluted rivers here. The place that I ventured was surrounded by construction area. Therefore the silt and mud generated from the earthworks made a portion of the river shallow. So it looks like a huge mud flat which invites the water birds.

I sighted a small group of Painted Storks, Grey Herons, a Purple Heron, a Little Heron, Intermediate and Little Herons. 

Grey Heron

Grey Heron 

Painted Storks

Painted Storks and Grey Heron

Intermediate and Little Egret prowling for prey

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